Who is Nana?

Is there really a Nana?

There actually were two Nanas–one chrished relative for each of the two creators of Nana’s House and Garden:

Marion Rittmann was born Marion Helen Harris in 1920.  She and her older sister Ethel were the children of Harry Harris, who owned a window glass store in Trenton, New Jersey, and Lillian Harris, who was an organist for St. Paul’s Methodist Church.  Marion graduated from Trenton Central High and worked as a telephone operator and a clerk (she was an intake typist for young men entering the Army leading up to WWII).  She married Sgt. John (Jack) Rittmann, who worked for Griffith Electric Supply Co. of Trenton before and after the war until his retirement.  They had one child–Denise–who is one of the founders of Nana’s House and Garden.

Denise’s daughters called Marion “Nana” because the name “Grandmom” was already taken by their father’s mother, who had other grandchildren  One of those daughters, Katherine Warner, is now grown and actively involved in running Nana’s House and Garden.

Marion loved birdwatching, garden flowers (especially red geraniums), old time hymns, mystery novels and TV westerns.  She was a fan of professional baseball and ice hockey and regularly attended Phillies and Flyers games.  She was a lifetime active participant in the Eastern Star and often portrayed the biblical character Ruth at their meetings.

(This site is under construction.  We will add their photos and history of the other “Nana” soon.)

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